Anoc Octave Editor

The Octave Editor for your iOS device (iPad, iPhone)

Anoc allows you to create and manage Octave projects directly on your iOS device and generate the result and plots by using the Octave service available at
Dropbox synchronization
Automatically synchronize all your local projects with Dropbox. You simply need to link to Dropbox and Anoc takes care of the rest.
Generate plots from code
Anoc uses the webservices available at verbosus to generate the result and plots from your Octave code. There's a full Octave distribution working in the background so you have the full power at your fingertips.
Syntax highlighting
The editor will highlight Octave commands for you so you can easily focus on your content.
Function files
Anoc lets you create function files that allows you to source parts of your code out to other files.