Free games for iOS and Android

Battle Storks: 3rd person shooter

Battle Storks is a free 3rd person shooter for iOS and Android that puts you in the role of fighting against good or evil. You can play in singleplayer mode or multiplayer (over the internet) with or against friends and family directly on your mobile device. There exist three different game modes, DM (deathmatch), TDM (team deathmatch) and CTF (capture the flag), as well as different difficulties in singleplayer mode.

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Circlic: Strategy Defense Rush

Evil circles try to overtake the world! The free iOS application Circlic is a tower defense game in its purest form. It is your job to build and upgrade highly advanced towers which fire on the nearest circle. As soon as an enemy reaches a certain size it's reinforced and tries to prevent you from reaching your goal: Complete destruction of all circles and reach the final level.